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"This is the most corrupt business that I can imagine in the Virginia service industries." Eddie Evans


Virginia crime scene cleanup web sites most often tout their various services. What they fail to "tout," I call "cronyism." Not just the standard, garden variety of cronyism between employees, employers, corporations, but the cronyism reflected in government and business cronyism - - the worst.

For my part, I write content similar to what you find here. It's blunt, straight forward, and critical of a backwater, white-collar criminal enterprise. Ran by county employees across our Virginia, it cheats families and business every day of the year. It derives from that simple, but profitable, contact between Sheriff-Coroner (medical examiner) employees as well as other county departments. Make no mistake about it, they know what they do has no justification.

You and I know that the great majority of our county employees remain honest. They work hard and earn their pay. It's a tiny fraction of county employees that I alert you to remain cautious.

Any time a county employee sends you or anyone else to a crime scene cleanup company, a biohazard cleanup company, they plan to cheat you. They also cheat every American family from enjoying a truly free enterprise society, a society open to competition from free market forces.









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Information for Virginia Families

Virginia crime scene cleanup web pages serve the entire Virginia when it comes to crime scene cleanup information. I spend my time writing Internet content almost daily. I have little else to do because of Sheriff-Coroner fraud, white collar crime. You see, coast to coast, crime scene cleanup monopolies prevent people like me, veterans, from having a fair chance to succeed at crime scene cleanup business. We've also become victims of Sheriff-Coroner fraud in crime scene cleanup business cronyism.

I'm Eddie Evans (aka Ed) and this web page is one of thousands I've placed on the Internet. I use my many web pages to let people know Virginia has an option to use my professional cleaning services. I want people to know that I can help them for less than $999. I wrote, "less than," not more.

I'm unaware of other free-enterprise crime scene cleanup companies in Virginia. Until about 7 years ago, Orange County still had free-enterprise crime scene cleanup companies, a total of 3, counting my own. Incidentally, I do business in Orange County as crime scene cleanup. I'm also known as Biosafe, a biohazard cleanup company, for all's it's worth - zilch.

Crime scene cleanup business fraud, cronyism, means that Sheriff-Coroner (medical examiner) employees send families to corrupt crime scene cleanup companies. In return those companies pay money to these crony county employees. If you doubt what I write, please to call me and explain how I'm wrong. First though, do visit my Orange County, Virginia web pages. Note how they remain at the top or near the top of all or most of the cities in Orange County, California.

At one time my crime scene cleanup pages were number one across our Virginia. I could not keep the many domains, over 2,000, because of county monopolies over biohazard cleanup, in general.

Please do understand that I'm not talking about owning a business in competition with the Sheriff-Coroner's duty to remove bodies, investigate questionable deaths, or notify victims' families. No, I'm writing about the people doing the blood and other potentially infectious waste (OPIM) cleanup following removal of bodies. Violent deaths most often leave behind human fluids and more. This biological material sometimes overwhelms a family's power to remove it. That's where crime scene cleanup businesses come into the mix.

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Companies Follow County Monopoly

Crime scene cleanup companies follow the county employees' work, their monopoly. Without free enterprise, there's no hope for these companies but to follow county employees' "prospect" referrals. Then again, in some cases county employees either own these companies or have relatives in these companies. Nepotism must have settled into county employment thoroughly by now simply because of this monopoly. (See my narrative comments)

Now these county employees have stolen this janitorial sanitation niche from once I made some money. As a result we now have local civil servants cheating tax payers in need of professional cleaning help.

I wrote that "I have little else to do," which is not quite true. I have plenty of house cleaning "just waiting" for me, according to my wife. Then there's the matter of growing other businesses, which remain tough because of our poor economy and Virginia's global warming issues.

People become less likely to spend money when their future remains in doubt, as now. Anyway, I have a massage business in need of work. Then there's my math training, re-training I should say. I hope to open my own tutoring service in the future. To think that I must return to algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus after all these years.

As a trained educator I worked in Los Angeles County and Orange County teaching English Language Arts, an euphemism for English. Not to change the subject here from Sheriff-Coroner fraud against Virginia families, we know longer teach "English." English Language Arts includes many ideas and subjects found in the older style English classes. New ideas arose for the language arts.

Pleasing changes included dumping traditional grammar studies, which served little good when it comes to writing. After all, in writhing about my Virginia crime scene clean services, I need not concern myself with rammer. The grammar coming from our minds has a deep structure. As expressed, each and everyone of us uses the grammar learned from our social environment, mostly our mothers in our early years.

Unlike the French, we do not have an English Language Academy for a strict "English" usage police force and grammar cops. We don't even have a "proper" English usage. We do have a standard English to compare our own grammar and language usage. Who speaks "standard English," by the way. Usually we point to the more popular news broadcasters on commercial television playing throughout Virginia Counties. Tom Brokaw held the title for stand English model for many years, several decades.

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Why so cheap in Virginia?

I charge less because I am self-employed. I have over 8 years cleaning after death: homicide, suicide, unattended death with decomposition, accidental death, amputation, and many other types of biohazardous environments.

I'd say that making hundreds of dollars in 1 day is a pretty good deal, overall. I make many times more money than most biohazard cleanup technicians in our Virginia. But I make many thousands of dollars less than most biohazard cleanup companies. That's OK, too. (return)

I've cleaned up enough blood over the years I don't find a need to charge thousands. After all, I'm a janitor, death's janitor in some ways.

My experience tells me that most biohazard cleanup work takes me about 1 day, and sometimes less. I've worked at death cleanup for as little as 55 minutes. Then again, I've worked for over a week on a multiple homicide. Of course I had to charge many times more than I usually need to charge Virginia residents and businesses.

I'm satisfied. Providing an important service for a working family price suits me just fine.

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Cleaning Time

Regressing to cleaning time, sometimes I need a second day for Virginia homicides, `suicides, or unattended death's with decomposition. .That's the breaks in my business. I'm still satisfied. Most satisfying for me are the results of my work. Before I begin, others do not want any part of a death scene. After I clean, others are safe and certain they too can do their work.

I always do my best. Perhaps others clean faster than I do. It's hard to imagine anyone recovering a death scene as thoroughly as I do, but there could be others with a better cleaning method. I have no way of knowing who the best cleaners are in this business. It would be arrogant to compare the young women and men biohazard cleanup technicians in this Virginia crime scene cleanup endeavor.

But there's one more detail. My prices do not allow competitors much wiggle room. Since almost all crime scene cleanup companies use technicians, paid employees, they have a very large overhead.

Competitors with employees pay per employee hour. They pay their blood cleanup technicians' medical insurance, social security, and workmen's compensation. Some crime scene cleanup companies even pay overtime on Saturday and Sunday.

Me, I'm self-employed. Saturdays and Sundays come and go. I'm 24/7/365 and would not have it otherwise. I love my business and helping people in tough situations pleases me to no end.

In the final result, my flexibility to add value to my professional biohazard cleanup work gives me an edge. Think about these benefits when choosing a company. A self-employed professional cleaner may be your best choice, considering that most death scene cleanup jobs take less than 8 hours.

There's more to consider, though. Young cleaners move much faster than I do. They have greater strength than I do. The only real advantage I have over young cleaners is my experience and education. I would bet some young cleaners would claim my education has no value in biohazard cleanup work. I would argue otherwise, but who really knows? Anyway, I've seen several companies add this death cleanup business to their efforts. They appear to have good faith and an ernest desire to provide professional results. They must match my service, I feel.

What I Claim

What I do claim is that my work comes with a blood cleanup guarantee. My blood cleanup work comes with a certificate of completion for clients to show real estate agents, friends, family, and business associates. What this certificate means is that I disinfected the death scene, removed biohazard waste, disinfected again, and sealed after thoroughly cleaning blood soiled areas.

This biohazard cleanup certificate means that I, Eddie Evans, will return to a biohazard scene and clean anything in the scope of my duties.

A guarantee to return on request is about all anyone can do. So you can bet I do not want to neglect my cleaning efforts.

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A Clean County

Again, if you have a "clean county," a county free from blood cleanup cronyism, let me know about your belief. I will test it. If by any chance what you believe turns out factual, then I'll move to your county.

How will we know if your county qualifies as a clean county, free from cronyism? I advertise on page one many search engines. If I determine that telephone calls, if any, qualify, then I'll soon arrive in your county. I will clean as needed while walking through other matters. As a result, your city or town, county, population receives much lower blood cleanup prices.

Most likely you do not live in a clean county. I say this for this simple reason. Given an opportunity to enrich their livelihood by making a 30 second presentation to a business "prospect," corrupt county employees easily collect 10 percent of crime scene cleanup costs. That's a lot of temptation for someone to ignore.

In the end, the pertinent question becomes, "Why should we not expect county employee corruption when they can get away with it?"

Do you really believe that your civil servants wear halos? Do you believe that just because they have families, they have jobs, and they are "Americans," that they remain above temptation?

No, civil servants at any level of government do not remain above temptation. A simple reading of American History and government employee corruption reveals a checkered pass. Checkered, yes, but no more corrupt in the business world or politics. It's an age old story going back thousands of years. It explain why we have bureaucracies to help avoid these types of cronyism or nepotism, for that matter.

Eddie Evans.


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Eddie Evans, biohazard cleanup

copyright 2003 eddie evans

Alabama Arizona Arkansas. I live in California, and I have cleaned in 24 of our United States. I've driven across the United States a few times in the last 12 years. I've flown from Long Beach, California to Dulles International Airport a bunch of times, but before 2005 mostly.

I've flown to Wyoming, Texas, and other states. I've left a vehicle in Maryland for travel up and down the eastern seaboard to clean after homicides, suicides, and unattended deaths; all the while I came out a head with a profit.

Imagine driving from Cypress, California to Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, Louisiana, and even Hannibal, Missouri to remove blood from a homicide, suicide, or unattended death turned into a decomposition cleanup I've done this type of driving and I don't regret it. I had an enjoyable time, but an exhausting trip for certain.

I've never cleaned in Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Kentucky, and too many other states, sadly. I say, "Sadly" because had I cleaned in these states, I would know that they were not completely corrupted by Sheriff-Coroner (medical examiner) employees. Georgia Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine

The northeastern United States has a very tightly monopolized crime scene cleanup business. As racketeers, I found these problems with Massachusetts, Vermont, and Main. I've not cleaned further south in states like Rhode Island or Pennsylvania. I knew long ago that Philadelphia jumped to the tone of a New Jersey crime scene cleanup company. I learned this from the company owner. He claimed that a Philadelphia homicide detective did his leg work with a prominent position's power.

These comments reflect over 12 years in the business. They reflect having my telephone number out there, on top, for many of those years. Many people used to call me for starting their own business, to brag, too. Some of these people were county employees. Some of these people knew county employees who were willing to forward death cleanup work to these callers.

For others, I could say only, "This is the most corrupt business that I can imagine in the United States service industries." (return)

Michigan Minnesota. No, Mississippi remains off of my radar and has for a long time. I learned my first 4 or 5 years that this state has tightly woven government cronyism at the county level. I once drove to Missouri for a suicide cleanup. It turned out as my most entailed suicide cleanup effort to date. Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming Washington DC

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